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The Actor's Key

Open the door to success...

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The Actor's Key Studios offer workshops and acting classes, in addition to a multitude of free special events, with casting directors, agents, managers, and other industry pros, for professional actors. Our workshops are intended to help actors educate themselves, and fine-tune the skills they have been learning in regular acting classes. They are not for beginners (we recommend you have at least a year to several years of acting classes, experience, or education prior to taking workshops).  If you have any questions, please email us.

PLEASE read our Syllabus, which is gleaned from the National Core Curriculum Standards used by public education facilities, for what to expect from a normal workshop.  While we are a private workshop studio, we take education seriously, as we were founded by a teacher and the daughter of a teacher.

Our normal format is a group Q&A, followed by one-on-one consultation time with the instructor, where you perform a scene you have selected ahead of time (either from our selection, or one you've had pre-approved by us), with a reader we provide, and gain verbal and written feedback based upon your performance.*

These workshops are a "key" for actors to get a leg up on the competition, and walk through the door to the next level of success!

To view JUST our workshop names, dates, and prices, click on this link

PLEASE READ THE "HOW IT WORKS/FAQ PAGE" for answers to our most frequently asked questions (how do I get sides approved, how do I use an early pass, what is your late line number, how do I take more than one workshop in a day, how do I cancel out of a workshop, etc.)


*if we ever deviate from this format, it will say so in the workshop description


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